Strike Force Kitty 2

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  • Strike Force Kitty 2


    StrikeForce Kitty 2: Evil foxes are building an army against the kitty empire. Upgrade and train your kittens and send them into battle to save kitten-kind. We’ve sent our gallant kittens on an epic adventure to conquer the foxes’ fortress! The purr-fect runner. Funny, addictive, and full of surprises! Unlock upgrades and collect items and clothes for your kittens. Create their own unique outfits or wear popular costumes like the Batman or Darth Vader suits! - 200 Costumes - 31 Super costumes - 21 Artifacts! Reincarnate your kittens with super costumes! - 4 Bosses - 5 Worlds - 20 Locations - Over 6 hours of gameplay - Unique levels! Earn skills to unlock secret places and open chests! - 12 Kitten abilities

  • Instructions:

    Mouse click for jump! Collect fishes for upgrade your Kittens!